New procedure for containers from Latin America from March 31

New procedure for containers from Latin America from March 31

Trust Chain is a joint venture between the business community and government agencies for the safe and reliable release and collection of containers in Dutch ports. It first takes place in Rotterdam. From the shipping company/ship broker to the shipper/forwarder and through the carrier, the trust chain forms a closed chain with only known, designated parties. Where the PIN code is currently used, it will be replaced by authentication, starting with container loads in Latin America. Only an authorized carrier can give advance notice of his arrival at the terminal and collect the container there. TrustChain operates mostly through Portbase, the port community organization of Dutch ports.

Transition period

March 31 is the hard deadline for the new working system, although there is still a short transition period. From that date, all shipments from Latin America will be released securely and reliably only through Chain of Trust. Regardless of whether the supplier or recipient arranges the transportation themselves or by a shipping company. It does not matter whether the transport is by road, inland waterway or rail. On consultation between the shipping company/shipbroker and the customer, cargo from other shipping areas may be handled through chain of custody. After all customers with cargo from Latin America are connected to the trust chain by March 31, 2024, shipping companies/ship brokers will focus on the participation of their first 100 customers in the next phase.

Checking the operating carrier

Registering the correct carrier in Portbase is important because there will be stricter inspections at the terminals from now on. The five major terminal operators will check at the gate whether the carrier coming to collect the container – the executing carrier – matches the carrier notified in the digital pre-notification via Portbase. This automatic check is done by comparing the EAN number on the pre-notification (via the Hinterland Container Notification Service) with that on the cargocard of the visiting driver. This ensures that the driver actually belongs to the transport company mentioned in the advance notification. EAN numbers are provided by Secure Logistics. If the registered number is incorrect, the container will not be shipped.

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The terminals involved see this as a self-evident part of the chain of trust to make the control secure and reliable. The five terminal operators are Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam, Hutchison Ports Delta II, ABM Terminals Masvlakte II, Rotterdam World Gateway and Rotterdam Shortsea Terminals. At Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam, operating carrier's checks are already partially released via TAR-RCI (Truck Appointment Reference / Remote Check In). Other terminal operators are currently still preparing for launch. Necessary changes in systems and procedures will be implemented in 2024.

the future

The first part of the project has been completed with the hope of a chain for container loads from Latin America. This year other shipping lines are due to join the same system, meaning the PIN code will disappear from the Port of Rotterdam forever. If all goes according to plan, the system can be expanded to other ports in the Netherlands.

More info

You can sign up for TrustChain for free on Portbase. Anyone who has never dealt with a shipping company or a shipping broker can take action on their own and prepare for the future. Read all the necessary information

This article appears in evofenedex magazine 2/2024

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