New: Harley-Davidson membership –

New: Harley-Davidson membership –

In America, Harley-Davidson was the first to introduce a membership program called Harley-Davidson Membership. There is a free level with additional features that are prominent in the app. Members receive new Harley Community Premium Club memberships by paying an annual membership fee of $29 to $59. It offers “exclusive content”, loyalty points on purchases and access to new products or offers. Additionally, the three membership levels offer a variety of additional services and discounts on motorcycle rentals and access to events.

The Three premium plans from it Subscription based business model Access Pass ($29 per year), Rider Pass ($49), and Harley Owners Group ($59). For the latter, HOG membership is considered part of the new membership program, but the additional features are completely different from those of free members and Access or Rider Pass holders.


The three payment plans are fundamentally different ‘privileges’. For example, only the Access Pass “influences product design,” but not the two levels of roadside assistance that other programs have. Access Pass gives access to lifestyle events, Riding Pass to riding events. Membership in the Harley Owners Group provides unlimited access to the Harley Museum and “HOG-only” events.

Visa card

Points can be earned not only by making purchases, but by visiting events or creating a profile on the app. 500 points is worth $5, but there’s no indication of how you get that number. Buying a new or used motorcycle won’t earn you any points, but the first visit to the dealer will. Members who use the special HD™ Visa® Credit Card save even faster.

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