New functions in WhatsApp: saving voice messages as video, additional keyboard and expiration messages

New functions in WhatsApp: saving voice messages as video, additional keyboard and expiration messages

They weren’t idle behind the scenes at WhatsApp, on the contrary. On June 11, 2023, we published another article about new features in WhatsApp, and now it’s time for our next news update. What new features does the messaging app have that most of us use every day?

New video function: Voice messages, but in video format

The main novelty concerns creating video messages from within the app. This new function is actually a combination of the well-known voice message and the transmission of a pre-recorded video. How does this work in practice? If you open a group chat or an individual chat, you will see a microphone at the bottom of the screen, which you can use to send voice messages. Click on this microphone once and you will see the camera icon, whether on your iPhone or Android phone.

If you press and hold this camera icon, you will first see a countdown clock (from 3 to 1), after which it will immediately start recording a video. While shooting, you can still change the position of the camera (from the selfie position to the normal position), via the button with two arrows. The video continues to play as long as you hold down the button, although the maximum length is one minute. If you’re not completely satisfied with the end result, you can swipe left to unsubmit the video. And once the video message arrives, you can play it directly from WhatsApp with a single click.

Additional keyboard for Android users

The microphone/camera is on the right, but for Android users, there’s a new option on the left side of the screen. If they click on the happy face to the left of the text bar, an additional keyboard will appear. Those who use emojis will often see the most used emojis through this keyboard. But you can also view GIFs and Stickers tabs. And if you want to go back to the regular keyboard (with letters and numbers), click on the same place on the left of the screen, where there is now a keyboard. On iPhone, you’ll also see gifs and stickers tabs next to each other. The most used emojis can be seen in a separate list.

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Send images in HD quality via WhatsApp

If you send images via WhatsApp, the quality of the images will be slightly lower than normal. This way they pass faster and take up less space in the receiver. But now it is also possible to send images in HD (High Definition) quality. iPhone and Android users will see a box with the letters HD at the top of the screen before submitting their photos. If you click on this box, you can choose whether to send the image in standard or HD quality.

More possibilities with the search function

If you have been using WhatsApp for a long time, you have created a whole archive of conversations. If you want to find a specific conversation, you can actually use the search function, via the magnifying glass in the main menu. WhatsApp has now expanded and improved this search functionality. Specifically, you can search for messages, photos, videos, audio messages, documents, unread, and more categories. There’s also a search function in group and one-on-one chat apps if you want to find specific clips. But you can only search for certain words. With the iPhone, you can also find messages from a specific date, via the calendar icon.

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Keep messages with an expiration date

In August 2022, we already wrote about a new feature in WhatsApp, messages with an expiration date. If you select this function, you can set to save incoming messages for a limited time to save space in the phone memory. But now you can save these types of messages before this expiration period (24 hours, a week or 90 days) is reached. You can do this with specific messages in individual WhatsApp chats or group apps you manage.

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If you press and hold on a message, you’ll see a bookmark (a rectangle with a triangular notch at the bottom) appear at the top of the screen. Via your contact person’s WhatsApp profile, you can see what messages you have saved under Keep Messages. If you see a clock on a contact’s profile picture or group photo (solid semi-circle on the left, dotted semi-circle on the right), you know the expiration function is on. If you activate the expiration function yourself, others will also receive a notification via WhatsApp.

Additional permissions for WhatsApp group admins

There are more and more possibilities to participate in a WhatsApp group. An administrator can add you to the group, but you can also fill in a special invite link or a special QR code. If you’re the app group admin yourself, you can find these options above the list of participants, via Add Participants and Invite via Link. But through the “Group Settings” menu, you will find a new addition. If you select the “Approve new participants” option, others will not join the group until you give permission.

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