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Netflix has acquired Night School Studios, developer of the indie game Oxenfree. The company will now develop games for the streaming platform. The studio says it will continue work on the already announced sequel to Oxenfree.

Night School Studios is the first game studio to acquire Netflix. According to the studios of the night school Netflix allows game studios to target entertainment to millions of people, just as they do TV and movies. Since the former indie developer focuses on story games, the company says it fits in well with Netflix.

earlier I mentioned Netflix To focus more on games. The studio was last month Test in Poland With mobile games, which can then be downloaded via the Netflix app, but with this acquisition, it appears that games will also be developed specifically for the service. It has not been announced when Netflix will introduce its own games on the service, and whether those games will also be playable elsewhere.

Netflix has already released two games based on the Netflix Original Stranger Things series. The first is Only available for mobile devicesBut the sequel has also appeared on PCs and consoles. These two games were also available for download in the aforementioned test in Poland.

Night School Studios has released four games since its inception in 2014, the most famous being Oxenfree from 2016. The story plays a big role in that game, so there are different endings depending on the narrative choices players make. studio Currently busy With Oxenfree II: The Missing Signal. Night School confirms in the announcement that the acquisition of Netflix will not affect the development of that game.

Night School Studio’s avonturengame Oxenfree

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