NATO leaders describe China as an ongoing security challenge

NATO leaders describe China as an ongoing security challenge

NATO leaders spoke firm words to China at the summit in Brussels. at joint statement Leaders of the 30 NATO countries say China poses an ongoing security challenge, seeks to undermine the global order and is developing nuclear missiles “at an alarming pace”.

Government leaders say China’s ambitions and behavior pose “systemic challenges” to the global system of mutual agreements and rules.

Biden is at the top for the first time

US President Biden, who has been arguing for a more assertive policy against Beijing for some time, was there for the first time. German Chancellor Merkel and French President Macron have been somewhat more lenient with China. “It is important to find a balance, because China is also a partner in many areas,” Merkel said.

Macron said NATO should be careful not to rule out other important issues such as the fight against terrorism and security issues surrounding Russia.

That is why thirty heads of state and government did not go so far as to describe China as a competitor. But they have expressed concerns about what they believe are “coercive policies,” or the vague ways in which the state modernizes its armed forces and spreads disinformation.

In addition to talks about China, the relationship with Russia was also discussed. Concerns were expressed, among other things, about the military presence in Crimea and the country’s nuclear arsenal. We reiterate our support for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, Georgia and the Republic of Moldova within their internationally recognized borders. Explanation.

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Biden vs Trump

The leaders were physically reunited at NATO headquarters for the first time in a year and a half. Secretary-General Stoltenberg said afterwards that Biden had expressed his “strong commitment” to NATO. Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, spoke less positively about cooperation.

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