NASA’s helicopter innovation can’t fly on Mars right now because sensor is broken – IT Pro – News

A NASA helicopter orbiting Mars cannot continue to fly until the agency can send an update to Ingenuity. Because the sensor is broken, the helicopter can no longer take off and therefore the helicopter software must be modified.

NASA Writes The inclinometer stopped responding. This sensor measures gravity before the helicopter takes off. The team behind the helicopter believes they can also launch the helicopter without this sensor, but this requires a software update to be sent to the helicopter.

If she succeeds, the ingenuity can begin her twenty-ninth journey. The First flight Last April, after bringing the helicopter to Mars with the Persevering Mars rover. The helicopter has already completed its planned mission, but NASA they expanded the mission. The helicopter has completed 28 successful flights so far.

The question is how long the helicopter will continue to operate. According to NASA, it will be winter on Mars and creativity temperatures will be very low at night. In principle, the helicopter is not designed for this. The helicopter also receives less power from the solar panels, due to which more and more dust accumulates on them.

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