Mouth Mask Marketing Scanner With Built-in Microphone |  Currently

Mouth Mask Marketing Scanner With Built-in Microphone | Currently

US manufacturer Razer says this year the “smartest mouth mask in the world” is on the market. The mask has built-in microphone and amplifier, which is easy for the user to understand.

The manufacturer already showed off the mouth mask concept in January, but is now indicating that the cap will actually be produced later this year. “The Hazel project has become a reality. We will release the masks, because we think unfortunately we’ll have to wear face masks for a long time,” says director Min-Liang Tan. Yahoo Finance.

Project Hazel is a smart mask with a clear front, so your mouth stays visible. The cover has a built-in microphone and loudspeaker, which can amplify the sound so that you can be heard better.

Additionally, Hazel provides active air ventilation, which should make the cap as effective as a medical mouth mask. The cap will also close well so that the glasses are not fogged anymore.

It is not clear when exactly the cap will be marketed. Director Tan has reported that production will begin this year. It is also not clear how much the mouth mask will cost.

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