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Mother and daughter attacking a woman with a hammer and a sledgehammer

Parental mediation after an argument between their children recently spiraled out of control in Albena. A 39-year-old mother and 20-year-old daughter attacked another woman with a hammer and sledgehammer.

The failed mediation turned into a long brawl as the police had already been reported twice before between Mother R. L and her daughter N.L. Every time mother and daughter meet the reporter, they make her life miserable Reports Suriname Police Force.

When the advertiser was driving the Verlengde Wilhelminastraat on August 22, a white-painted car suddenly stopped in front of her. The mother and daughter got out of the car, armed with a sledgehammer and a hammer, and attacked the complainant.

The victim was hit by the mother with a sledgehammer on the head near her left ear, slightly injuring her. Two passersby intervened and prevented what was worse. The victim was treated medically and received three stitches in her head.

Albina police arrested the mother and daughter on Monday, August 22nd. The hammer and hammer were not recovered from the suspects.

Perhaps the motive for this act lies in the fact that a conflict arose between the children themselves, in which the parents mediated. This mediation got out of hand and an argument arose between the NL suspect and the victim.

After consulting with the Public Prosecution Office of Suriname, the police detained the two suspects, R. to. Wen. to.

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