More flights from USA and Canada to Aruba

More flights from USA and Canada to Aruba

From our correspondent
Oranjestad – Six US and Canadian airlines are deploying additional flights and introducing new routes to connect Aruba with international destinations.

These are American Airlines, Jet Blue, Spirit Airlines, Delta Airlines, Air Canada and West Jet. This news was confirmed by Tourism Minister Dangui Oduber (MEP). He got this news from different companies.
American Airlines will begin operating 13 weekly flights from Charlotte this month. On the Philadelphia route, the number of weekly trips will increase from 1 to 8. This is a comparison for 2023 with 2019. The Miami route will also be expanded. In September, AA will fly to Aruba with two daily flights, instead of one.

JetBlue is the second largest airline in the United States. They will resume their way from Newark in a few days, on June 17th. This flight arrives on Saturday.
Spirit Airlines is expanding the route from Fort Lauderdale. They now fly once a week. They will fly to Aruba daily.
Delta Airlines is expanding its capacity. They will do so in the winter season 2023/24. From January 2024, Delta will fly to Aruba with two flights daily instead of one.

Air Canada is also focusing on the winter season. This airline is resuming flights from Toronto. They fly three times a week from November.
West Jet also has plans to expand the flight schedule in the winter of 2023. However, the company has not yet provided details.
Tourism Minister Oduber is very pleased with this news. He says this is due to the efforts of the Air Transport Commission. Their mission is to promote Aruba to airlines and ensure that they include Aruba as a destination on their routes. Aruba is currently being advertised as a very good destination. The minister’s policy aims to attract tourists who earn more than $150,000 annually. When these tourists come to Aruba, they spend a relatively large amount of money. The European economy needs this.

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