Mooi Wark is the new number 1 in Drenthe 1000

Mooi Wark is the new number 1 in Drenthe 1000

Total calm Fan Moy Wark is the new No. 1 on the Drenthe 1000. Two years later, this song I'll get out of here Daniel Lohos from the throne.

Just before six o'clock, after days of counting down the voting list for Drenthe, the redemption letter arrived. Because that was already clear before the start of Drenthe 1000 I'll get out of here He won't be No. 1 for the third time. Then the big speculation can begin. Is It Puck, another record by Daniel Lohues and Marko Schweitmaker with a huge success Guardian Angel Or one of the many songs from Mooi Wark?

The latter appears to be the case. Mooi Wark is one of the main suppliers on the list and has secured two top ten spots in this edition. The guys who have their record are at No. 10 Warring heroes. And last year No. 3 Total calmso the new number is 1.

This shook the top three last year. Because Daniel Lohues' former No. 1 is now No. 2. With his former band Skik, Lohues was also No. 2 last year with the song On bikes. That record has now fallen to third place. With this number 3 for the year 2022, Total calm From Mooi Wark, the new No. 1.

You can rightfully call Drenthe 1000 a hit list of Drenthe, because eight places in the top ten are occupied by Drenthe artists. Leon Moorman remains in sixth place with his number, just like last year Knwin. Cuby + Blizzards is in seventh place The windows of my eyes. Roden's Marco Schweitmaker is a new addition to the roster Guardian Angel At number 9. As mentioned earlier, Mooi Wark closes the top ten with Warring heroes. As a native of Zealander, Dani Vera is ranked 8th among the Drenthe crowd roller coaster.

When the new No. 1 was announced, three members of the band Mooi Wark were present in the studio: Bert, Dennis and William. “For us, it's an official surprise,” William says. “We were invited to come to the studio at the last minute. We would also like to congratulate the rest on the high rating. The hope, of course, was to become No. 1.”

Bert van Moe Wark adds: “This feels great, great! I didn't expect this anyway. I thought we would be lurking in third place again. But in the end we are number 1. But I want this position. Share with all the artists.”

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