Monique Westenberg lost US pounds again

Monique Westenberg lost US pounds again

After a family holiday in America, Monique Westenberg was shocked when she stepped on the scales. The pounds piled on, and that’s why she started living a normal life. Fortunately, Kilo flies again.

Monique Westenberg, Andre Hayes and son Dre spent the May holidays in America. Monique said that although she had a wonderful family vacation, she is glad to be back home so she can get back to normal life. Monique immediately went to the gym and counted every calorie she consumed.


Now, ​​a month later, Monique says on Instagram that the kilos are flying again. “-3.5 kg, we are fine,” she writes in her stories with a photo of herself in sportswear.

Not only Monique, but son Trey is also playful. He recently started playing football. Earlier, to Monique’s great relief, he didn’t want to play soccer. “But suddenly we were asked every day if he could play football. All his friends play football, where Andre is, in recent months there is a ball,” Monique recently wrote on Instagram.

Get up early

However, she didn’t say yes right away. The reason? Monique didn’t want to get up early on a Saturday morning. “It was 7:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning that stopped me,” she explained. “After a few conversations with dad and grandpa, we made a deal. A very happy kid!”

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