Microsoft Surface Duo 2 with Snapdragon 888-soc appears at Geekbench – Tablets and Phones – News

Lots of this already. MS tries a lot more, especially in public, than Apple. And in many Apple products, there is little change. The M1 is the biggest innovation, but also the only real one I can think of from recent years. The rest is the same, and not always good.

This touch bar has its fans, but it seems to be mainly a rejection of touch screens. There are strong rumors that he will once again disappear in the new professional line. And also fail on a small scale, with their consoles for example.

Then there are the iPads that are starting to look more and more like the Surface, but are heavier because their keyboard makes your screen float. Not everything I mean is very good.

At the same time, MS is often delayed. Why they didn’t get on social media (well, LinkedIn, Github) with so many users and brand awareness is a mystery. Especially considering the Skype acquisitions, for example. They were always close. Why couldn’t they leave a good phone? They only had phones, but they didn’t pay attention at all when they had to.

Given the billions they’ve undoubtedly invested in innovation, I think the momentum is often lost. But yeah, take a look Indeed, they are not alone. The competition is tougher than it looks.

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