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Sure, the W10 isn’t perfect, but it requires much less effort. It has become a matter of stopping or ripping things off. Then just rake everything together.

I also use Notepadd++, VLC, Potplayer, WinRAR, etc. But these things are much less important than they were 20 years ago.

Well the media player is still a must IMO, Groove is really shit, WMP was a lot better

A number of points can be resolved using a Microsoft account. 1.5 years ago, it surprised me a bit how many settings are syncing these days. Tasty. I suspect +/- half of your personal Windows settings are listed in Settings.

I’ve installed Windows on systems since 3.11 and Windows 10 is by far the least annoying. It also helps that with Windows 10, you have your desktop in front of you within an hour. W7 has been working on it for 3-4 times and 95/98/XP was already a day job only to install.

My W10 slate is +/- half of your slate, and the W7 slate was 3 times larger than your W7 slate. I have been able to reinstall Windows 7 every year on average. I’ve only reinstalled W10 on my system once. Add that and the voltage of the W10 is negligible compared to the W7 and above : NS

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