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I think this is a little more accurate. First and foremost, it remains a game where historical lines are not always strictly followed.

However, the addition of Italy is not as strange as it might seem at first glance. As you say yourself: 1861 is a logical date to mention. But AoE 3 does not occur entirely in the Middle Ages, like AoE2, but in the era that follows. With some overlap of course. The “ages” mentioned in the game vary between era of discovery And Imperial era That’s where the Industrial Revolution plays a role, too. According to AoE3’s fandom website, the game will take place between 1500 and 1850. That’s actually not 1861, but 11 years on the whole and from a world history perspective, that’s not unusual.

By the way, you can also discuss the addition of Venice, for example, because it was certainly a very powerful (trading) state, but especially in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries and this is very early. Fact: The Genoese are a people in AoE2. False, not fact, they called it Italians (which is weirder from a historical perspective than in AoE3) but they have Genoa activists and use the Genoese flag as their shield symbol.

In short: it may not be the most obvious, but it’s also not as strange as it seems at first glance. This is partly due to the location, AoE2 is really medieval, AoE3 takes the next period and in light of that it’s (only) possible.

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