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Your post can be a little subtle. Windows lags a lot with DPI scaling, and hence apps. Not many old apps support it, and Windows itself will start scaling simply by increasing pixels, resulting in blurry content. But many apps, and all UWP apps anyway, support it nowadays hence working fine on their own. What is relatively new, by the way, is the scaling of each screen. Apps also have to explicitly support this, otherwise they’ll get 1 universal scale, so an error can happen if they’re on the wrong screen.

I don’t recognize the picture you are drawing at all. Well, I only use 100% on my desktop, but I tested it on 43 ” 4k: if I set it to 125%, and I opened Print Preview in Word, it would look exactly as sharp as at 100% if the document occupies the same number of pixels on my screen.

Windows scaling at 100%, With Print Preview set to 125%.
Windows Scales at 125%-With 100% print preview.

Edit: here are documents that are cropped to the same size. Really completely identical. 100% 125%.

I am using the sizing on my 13.5-inch Surface Book 2. With daily work, it doesn’t bother me at all. Older apps are unclear because these pixels are simply stretched. In terms of content issues, it seems that Qt apps often have difficulties using it. They have toolbars that do not scale well (for example, the toolbar content is scaled, making the buttons too small for their icons).

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