Michael Jackson’s life pivots in new biopic |  Movies and TV shows

Michael Jackson’s life pivots in new biopic | Movies and TV shows

After movies like Rocket Man And bohemian rhapsody A movie about Michael Jackson’s life is also in production, according to reports Hollywood Reporter Wednesday. workout dayDirector Antoine Fuqua will direct the film.

Fuqua started his career as a music video director. He made and directed videos for artists like Toni Braxton and Prince Gangster paradiseCoolio’s popular music video.

“This combination of film and music is part of who I am,” says Fuqua. “And there is no artist as charismatic and intelligent as Michael Jackson. I was so inspired by my work. He was the first black artist to be played so much on MTV. The chance to tell his story on the silver screen. I couldn’t turn him down.”

The film is being shot in consultation with the Jackson estate. Film producer Lionsgate says the film will cover the entire life of Jackson, who died in 2009 at the age of 50. It is not clear if this also includes controversial topics. For example, Jackson was accused of abusing underage boys.

In recent years there have been many films about artists who broke out in the twentieth century. For example, films about Elton John (Rocket Man), Whitney Houston (I wanna Dance With Somebody) and the queen (bohemian rhapsody). One of the producers of the latter film is also involved in Jackson’s project.

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