Miami wants to be a hotspot for bitcoin in the United States

Miami wants to be a hotspot for bitcoin in the United States

The American city of Miami is taking a special step: they are going to integrate bitcoins into their policy in a variety of ways. The mayor of Miami has persuaded local politics: their city should become a place for bitcoin companies and individual bitcoins.

Miami in Bitcoin

A war is raging in the United States: Which place is the most interesting for bitcoins and companies in the industry? For example, states like Wyoming are fully committed to flexible rules. It is not without reason that the country’s first ‘Bitcoin Bank’ is located there.

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In New York they now have one of the toughest rules, a lot of companies have to comply. This ensures that some companies no longer offer their services to New Yorkers.

As a city, Miami also makes a contribution. Employees can pay Bitcoin and taxes at PTC. Whether you want to pay with these scarce items is another question, but it is an option.

In addition, the city will create a bitcoin bill.

The mayor’s answer

Francis Suarez. Mayor of the City, Glad: “I would like to thank the policymakers in the City of Miami who supported my movement.” All employees in the city can receive a certain percentage of their salary in BTC.

If the new rules are finally implemented, it will have other consequences as well. So municipal funds are allowed to invest in bitcoin. An important detail: the project is now being seriously looked at and it is not yet certain that it will come.

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Local politician Ken Russell is clear: “We need to know what we are doing.” Bitcoin is relatively new and by no means clear to everyone.

The drive for bitcoin is part of Mayor Suarez’s campaign, which he hopes will be re-elected this year.

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