Men's relay snatch after European Championship medal, Flon finished quickly in pole vault final |  Currently

Men’s relay snatch after European Championship medal, Flon finished quickly in pole vault final | Currently

The Dutch men’s relay failed to win a medal in the 4x400m race on Saturday. In the final in Munich, the team took fifth place. In the pole vault final, Mino Flon was quickly eliminated later in the evening.

With a best time of the season (3.01.34), Liemarvin Bonevacia, Isayah Boers, Jochem Dobber and Ramsey Angela didn’t even come close to medals in the Wet Olympics.

The top three ran less than three minutes. Gold went to Great Britain in a time of 2.59.35. Belgium won the silver with a record of 2.59.49 and the bronze for France (2.59.64).

Dutch men have achieved mixed results in the last period. At the Tokyo Olympics last year, the quartet surprisingly won the silver, while they weren’t even in the final at the World Championships in Eugene earlier this year.

“We certainly had hoped for more,” Bonifacia said in an initial response to NOS. “But that was all he was in today, although it is understandable that more is expected of us. We just have to train more hard now and then come back.”

The flea quickly fell into the pole vault

Flon’s appearance in the pole vault final lasted for a very short time. 28-year-old Zankanter jumped over the crossbar three times at first with a height of 5.50 meters, after which he managed to go to the dressing room.

The same thing happened to him last month at the World Championships in Eugene. Then the starting height did not reach 5.55 meters in the final. He blames his failure on the false start.

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Flon, who holds the Dutch record of 5.96 metres, reached the Olympic final in Tokyo last year, but was quickly out of competition until then. The Dutchman managed to reach a height of 5.55 meters, but three attempts at 5.70 meters were unsuccessful.

Ratger Kopillar is the second Dutchman in the pole vault final in Munich. Still in the game.

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