Media Market customers angry over cancellation of PlayStation 5 order: 'so dirty'

Media Market customers angry over cancellation of PlayStation 5 order: ‘so dirty’

Sony’s latest gaming console, the PS5, has been difficult to come by since its introduction in mid-November 2020. There is a worldwide shortage of computer chips, and Sony is also affected. The company does not expect to solve this problem until the fall.

So fans of the game should have patience or luck when a retail chain has managed to purchase a batch of PS5 consoles. Mediamarkt presented its customers with a great opportunity this week, says Rob Swerissen of Hilversum.

Additional accessories: 620 €

“On Thursday we got an email saying the sale would start at 10 am Friday. So I was ready, just like my son and my son’s husband,” he says.

The standard PS5 sold out pretty quickly, but the three managed to order one with additional accessories, such as an extra headphone and console. It was pretty pricey, but they take that for granted.

“We all received an order confirmation and we paid for it, because you have to transfer 620 euros immediately of course,” said Soerisen, who was happy that it worked. “You’re looking forward to it, it’s rare, and it’s finally done, as we thought.”

Just after 6:30 pm, the joy turned into disappointment after an email from Mediamarkt. The company wrote to Swerissen, “Wow! Even our web store couldn’t stand all your enthusiasm and F5s for quite some time.” His request was “reluctantly” canceled by the company and will be refunded within three days. His son was lucky, but his son-in-law was also behind the network.

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Rain complaints on facebook

They aren’t the only customers who for several hours thought they could get their hands on a coveted gaming console. running Facebook page Complaints from disappointed customers raining in the company. Swerisen himself believes it is about hundreds of victims.

Whether or not this is true, the company will not state how many orders have been canceled and how many PlayStation consoles the company has in stock. “What I can say is that the order was five times higher than the available stock,” Dorien Tjin-Kinds, the company’s press officer, told RTL Z.

She explains that all those eager to buy placed their orders at the same time – things went wrong with the company. “Unfortunately, due to a technical malfunction (…) the available stock was incorrectly displayed. This resulted in us inadvertently selling more PS5 than we had available,” she explains. “We find it very upsetting for clients to be the victims of this.”

Three days of waiting for a refund

He says Duped Swerissen is of little use, he prefers to get his money back right away. “The bad thing is: you order, you pay, and then it takes Mediamarkt three days to refund you,” he says. The company uses the three-day repayment period if there are delays in banks, according to Tjin-Kinds. According to her, the repayment “began immediately”.

The information officer explains that once a “technical problem” appeared, the company made every effort to inform customers “as soon as possible”.

Scam customers will be the first to buy the PS5 when new stock arrives. This is not expected until July, according to an email for victims in possession of RTL Z.

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‘A big mess’

He doesn’t know yet if Swerissen would take advantage of this. He’s very disappointed with the company, also because of poor customer service. “A lot of errors can happen in such a chain, but you can’t reach anyone. Not by email, chat, messaging or over the phone. It was a big mess,” the 58-year-old said.

“You can expect from such great anxiety that someone somewhere thinks you should be prepared for such an influx of requests,” Swerissen says. “This is so messy.”

The company promises to improve in this area. “Of course we are working on solving the technical problem, so we can avoid such unpleasant situations in the future,” said Tjin-Kinds.

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