Max Verstappen again joins the Netflix hit Drive to Survive

Max Verstappen again joins the Netflix hit Drive to Survive

After a recent conversation with the producers, Max is open to a role in the series again, but on his own terms. “We had a short but good conversation,” he said before the first free practice session for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. “I’ve told them what I don’t think has gone well in the past. I want to have a bigger say in how I’m portrayed, rather than doing an interview and not knowing what they’re going to do with it. Be a little more realistic and I want to have more control over that.”

From campaign to survive It was already made for four seasons, covering the years 2018 to 2021 in Formula 1. Last year, Max took his first world title after a tough fight with Lewis Hamilton. Season 5 is now being shot for.

“I don’t like being in front, but I understand that they want to see me campaign to surviveThe Dutch world champion said: “This Netflix series is greatly helping to increase the popularity of the sport, especially in the United States. I wouldn’t mind playing a role in it, but on my terms. It should be good for both parties.” The driver wants to see beforehand any images His will be included in the series.” Sometimes you don’t know they’re walking behind you with a camera. So I should be able to say, “Sorry guys, that puts me in the wrong way.”

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