Many Tesla drivers replace the yoke with a circular steering wheel (for 900 euros).

First create a problem, then sell the solution. If we are not mistaken, the plot of several action movies including that Jurassic World Dominion. There’s no doubting what Tesla is doing right now. The first customers of the new Model S and Model X had to remove the yoke (half of the steering wheel) and can now buy a round steering wheel. And that option is popular.

Let’s make a little nuance: Tesla is not forcing anyone to buy a Tesla Model S or Model X. At the start of sales of updated models, the car company thought it would be good to reinvent the steering wheel. This was undoubtedly with the best of intentions and not a malicious scheme to make extra money from existing customers. We think.

No yoke became a joke | Photo: © Screen Post

Many Tesla drivers replace the yoke with a circular steering wheel

Customers who bought a Model S or Model X with a yoke, now regretting it, may return to Tesla for a round steering wheel. From this month you can go to the Netherlands and it will cost 900 euros, including installation of the option. In America (it’s 250 euros cheaper) this option is very popular, suggesting that the round steering wheel is completely sold out. Auto evolution.

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It is not known how many round steering wheels are offered on the Tesla. Tesla doesn’t have a PR department in the US, so finding the numbers is nearly impossible. Either way, America has plenty of people unhappy under its yoke.

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In the Netherlands, less than 100 copies of the new Model S and Model X have yet been delivered. A few others may want to switch to a round steering wheel, but it won’t be thousands. Older copies of these two cars have conventional steering anyway.

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