Major concerns among KLM employees about travel to Great Britain |  Economie

Major concerns among KLM employees about travel to Great Britain | Economie

UpdateWhile the Netherlands hopes to keep the British Corona mutant in trouble with the extension of the lockdown, dozens of flights with passengers from the UK to Schiphol are still operating daily. Concerns among KLM employees are growing day by day, notes the Dutch Cabin Staff Association (VNC).

So the flight attendants’ union wants to discuss this matter quickly with KLM. A meeting with the airline is scheduled for later in the day. A number of flights to British destinations have since been canceled. For remaining flights, passengers must present a negative Corona test before boarding the plane.

VNC wants to ensure that passengers have recently had a negative test, and that this is properly insured and examined. Reportedly, not all airports there have been screened. According to a follower who wants to remain anonymous and who travels regularly to the UK, there were three passengers on a flight last weekend who had not been tested. This was only discovered in Schiphol.

According to VNC, there is also a need for more clarity on how KLM expects to be able to protect flight attendants from the British variant of the Coronavirus, either on board or in any night stop. On average, KLM still flies to the UK 20 times a day. Although these journeys last no more than 1.5 hours, the crew often stays overnight and only returns to Schiphol after a day.

Plant quarantine

“We can also bring the virus in large numbers,” says the follower, who wants to remain anonymous. “Infection among crew members also occurs every now and then (often), but due to slow communication and the exception to the quarantine obligation upon return to the Netherlands, the risk of infecting others in the meantime is very high,” he warns.

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The KLM employee says he often testified that he received a message via GGD or KLM Health Services afterward stating that someone on the plane had been infected with the Coronavirus. He does not know if this is the British alternative.

Meanwhile, the number of reports from relevant crew members is also increasing rapidly on the FNV Cabine. According to FNV Director Birte Nelen, discussions are taking place between the unions and the KLM about, among other things, the service on board to and from the UK. During the first shutdown, this service was kept to a minimum, but flight attendants still roam the cabin offering snacks and drinks.

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