Looks like Kate Middleton has a famous ancestor

Looks like Kate Middleton has a famous ancestor

Who would have thought that!

Kate Middleton He might call himself a real celebrity. if duchess After all, she has an important job in Cambridge. And she clearly didn’t get that from a stranger, because one of her ancestors played a prominent role years ago.

family history

When Kate and William tied the knot in 2011, many people wanted to know who their prince was actually dealing with. Who was Kate? Was she really a “normal citizen”? Experts quickly delved into the history of the Kate family and came to a remarkable conclusion.

President of America

From the so-called research Historical Genealogy Society of New England It turns out that Kate, aka Katherine Middleton, shares family ties with the first president of the United States, George Washington. Thus, the Duchess is somewhat close to the first-ever US president. He would essentially be Kate’s eighth cousin and related to common ancestor Sir William Casquin.

George Washington, BILD: BRONOPRES

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George Washington, BILD: BRONOPRES


In addition to George Washington, experts have found a large number of celebrities with whom Kate appears to be related. from search by Ancestry.com For example, it turns out that the Duchess also has a relationship with sisters/actresses Dakota Fanning and Elle Fanning, and they are all related to King Edward I (who lived in the 14th century, but still a royal connection!). And if that wasn’t enough celebrities in the family, Kate is also already involved with director Guy Ritchie, cousins ​​Kate and Madonna’s ex-husband in Sixth Grade. It must be a family tree!

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