London police criticized after Sarah Everard's vigil |  Currently

London police criticized after Sarah Everard’s vigil | Currently

Police in London angered many by interfering during a rally to commemorate the murder of British Sarah Everard. London Mayor Sadiq Khan also described the police action as “unacceptable”.

The murder of 33-year-old Everard, who is suspected of having an agent, sparked a wave of anger and anger over violence against women. The police had previously warned that a memorial service or a protest meeting would be held against Corona’s measures. Organizers canceled a protest announced on Saturday at the Everard Memorial Site in south London.

But it did not prevent people from praising and drawing attention to the woman’s constant fear of sexual harassment and assault on the streets. Kate Middleton, wife of British Prince William, also visited the memorial site during the day.

In the evening the police got busy and the police intervened. The photos show that the matter came to a collision between the police and the protesters. The police expelled some of the women, and some were arrested.

“The response was inappropriate and disproportionate at times”

London Mayor Sadiq Khan wrote on Twitter: “The police are responsible for carrying out Covid measures, but the footage I have seen shows that the reaction was inappropriate and disproportionate at times.” Khan says he is in contact with the Commissioner of Police. Home Minister Priti Patel also described the photos as “disturbing”.

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