LG TVs from 2021 onwards will get Utomik game streaming app starting in November – Sound and Vision – News

LG Smart TVs starting in 2021 or later will have access to Dutch game streaming service Utomik Cloud from November. This service contains more than a hundred computer games and requires a subscription. The TVs will also have a gaming rack, which will bring together gaming services.

Utomik is a gaming service that gives players access to 1,380 games on PC. It must be installed on the user’s computer. Utomik Cloud is a streaming service, similar to Google Stadia, that allows users to stream some of this collection to their TVs. At this moment cloud Only available on Samsung TVs. So from November there will be Some LG TVs in. Utomik is also working on a file Android version of Cloud.

To use Utomik Cloud, users must have an LG TV running webOS 6.0 or webOS 2022. These are the TVs that were introduced last year. The app will be installed via the LG App Store. Users must also have a subscription to Utomik of at least €9 per month. Utomik Cloud includes indie games like Coffee Talk, My Time at Portia, and Turnip Boy committing to tax evasion.

In addition to Utomik Cloud, LG TVs will soon also have the Blacknut app. This is also a game streaming service that contains 500 titles and allows you to play games like Metro Exodus, Overcooked, and many more Disney games. This service will be available from September, but not yet in the Netherlands or Belgium. More regions should be added from the first quarter of 2023; It is not clear if the Benelux is also included.

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LG TVs from 2021 or later will also get a refurbished home screen with a gaming shelf inside. This is where LG will bundle its game streaming services. Anyway, Nvidia GeForce NOW and Google Stadia titles should be playable from here. Gaming Shelf looks like LG’s answer to Samsung game center to be. Samsung introduced the Gaming Hub in January.

LG game rack

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