Lenny Kuhr drops out of Eurovision: I won’t be there next time

Lenny Kuhr drops out of Eurovision: I won’t be there next time

Singer and Eurovision winner Lenny Kohr replied: “The next time I’m asked to perform on Eurovision’s big song programme, I won’t be there.” The singer turned heads at the Het Grote Eurovisionfeest TV taping on Wednesday. Kohr got angry at this because she didn’t know anything.

“I wasn’t ready to watch the tube myself. I was writing a new song. Fans who miss me have alerted me,” the Eindhoven artist responded Thursday.

“I was pressured not to miss.”

“It was very important in advance by AVROTROS for me to be present at the concert,” says the singer. “As a Eurovision winner, I certainly can’t miss all the other Eurovision winners. I did absolutely fantastic and the crowd was so excited, but I was pressured into attending. That makes it a little difficult. And then you can’t see me.”

This annoyance was increased by the singer because no one bothered to tell her that she had not made it to the broadcast. “I understand there can be all kinds of reasons for disqualifying an artist, but please tell me. This is a matter of respect and decency.”

“I am no longer seduced by the words ‘indispensable’.”

The fact that different versions circulate about who was responsible for the final assembly ensures that the irritation in the Kohr household remains. Kohr told Avrotros that the production company is responsible for the final editing and contacting the musicians.

A spokesperson for the broadcaster told ANP a different version, that Lenny Kuhr was often seen on Eurovision song broadcasts in the past and that it would have been better for a change to have other artists featured this time around.

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Meanwhile, Lenny Kohr is still awaiting an explanation from the production company that removed her from the broadcast. “He’s probably referring to AVROTROS again. I’m not going to waste any more energy on him. I just know that next time I won’t let myself be pressured anymore. The argument that I can’t be missed with this is worthless.”

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