Le Pen was re-elected as leader of the right-wing populist National Rally

Le Pen was re-elected as leader of the right-wing populist National Rally

Marine Le Pen, leader of the populist right-wing National Rally party, the former National Front, has been re-elected ahead of next year’s presidential election. The nomination was not surprising. There were no other candidates. party record in regional Elections last week.

Le Pen, 52, is expected to address later in the afternoon at the party conference in Perpignan, the place in southern France where the party has done well. Nationally, the National Rally did not win a majority in one region.

“The elections were disastrous for the National Assembly,” said Frank Renotte, a correspondent for the National Assembly newspaper. Radio NPO 1 News Yesterday, the first day of Congress. Since then, the debate over Le Pen’s path has raged. “That’s great. Because Le Pen has been the leader of the party for ten years, and in that time I’ve never heard a tough debate about her trajectory.”

In recent years, Le Pen says, Le Pen has given the party a “decent face”. “Her father used to be condemned, for example, of anti-Semitism. Now there are prominent figures within the party saying, ‘Is this moderate course the right thing to do if she scores very poorly in the elections?’” “Some members think the party may need to go back to a harder path, toward street fighters rather than decency.”

Low turnout may be another reason for the poor result in last week’s elections. A third of the population went to the polls. Nor has President Macron’s party done well.

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