Laura makes TikToks about foreign countries: 'I went to America with my grandma'

Laura makes TikToks about foreign countries: ‘I went to America with my grandma’

Laura (21) has been making TikToks about her adventures abroad since last year. He shares tips and tricks and shows what to do in the countries he’s visited.

How many days you need in a country or city to see everything, where you can eat well and how much a ticket costs to enter a museum: Laura really takes everything into account in her tips. And it’s paying off, because she now has over six thousand followers on TikTok.

A journey from the police academy

“My future plan was always to work as a police rider. I first completed a security course and then an enforcement course,” begins Laura. But when it came time for the police academy, she was rejected. “I was very disappointed. But then I realized that I am not bound to anything now and can travel. In the police you only get three weeks holiday a year. Now, so to speak, you can book next week’s holiday,” he says.

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Laura on vacation | Photo: Laura

To America with mother and grandmother

Laura went on vacation four times last year. “In between I also went to neighboring countries by car. I really enjoy the freedom and comfort of travel. The most special thing he’s done in recent years? “After the divorce, my grandfather moved to America. He passed away recently and my mother really wanted to see where her father lived. I am together with her and my grandmother road trip Made by USA. That is very special! ”

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TikToks about Delft

“When I come back from vacation, I really enjoy Delft. I have beautiful memories of many places. This is not surprising, because Delft is really like coming home to me,” says Laura. And you can feel the nostalgia in his Tiktoks too. “Besides making films about Delft, I also really enjoy giving people tips and information about the countries I visit. People sometimes send me questions. I like it a lot.” And it creates beautiful friendships: Laura got to know a nice couple from Milan through Instagram. “When they were in Delft, I did a tour with my friend. During our visit to Milan, they also showed us the best hotspots”, enthuses Laura.

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Future plans

Laura is far from traveling. “I’m going to Hungary and Spain this year. Next year I’d like to go to Portugal on my own. I also think it would be fun to go beyond Europe. I’ve already seen America, but South America is also very beautiful. I’m really good at saving, so it should be perfect.”

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