Launching an electoral petition to create an electoral threshold of three seats |  Policy

Launching an electoral petition to create an electoral threshold of three seats | Policy

It should become more difficult for parties to win seats in the House of Representatives. Former Education Secretary Joe Ritzen and a group of like-minded people began a petition to introduce an electoral threshold.

Parties that do not receive enough votes in the election to win at least three seats in the House of Representatives shall henceforth be banned by such an electoral threshold. Online this weekend it is website The initiators want to collect as many signatures as possible in the coming months and then present them to the House of Representatives after March 15.

In the recent parliamentary elections, seventeen parties entered Parliament, which is a record. This number has now increased to twenty due to divisions. According to the initiators, this will only lead to a weakening of parliament. They say that “half of the parties in the House of Representatives have fewer than five seats.” Around Binnenhof, the individual line of supporters and the upcoming elections prevail. As a result, supervisory and legislative functions are lost, especially in smaller factions where attention has to be divided over many subjects.

Now a party wins a seat if it receives at least 0.67% of the vote. If it were up to the petitioners, that percentage would increase to 2. By law, this means a party must win at least three seats. If this limit had been applied in previous elections, BBB, Bij1 and 50Plus (now Groep Den Haan) would not have entered the House of Representatives.

Elections threshold in other countries

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There are currently no politicians The majority of In the House of Representatives to enter the electoral threshold. It is present in neighboring countries. In Germany and Belgium, a party must receive at least 5% of the vote to enter parliament, and in Sweden 4%. Last year, a poll one today That 60 percent of the population of the Netherlands would support the introduction of an electoral threshold hash Parliament.

In addition to Joe Retzen, the petitioners include former Secretary of State Yvonne Van Rooy and economist Barbara Barsma.

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