Laubach asks 1.7 million viewers: Don’t you want more pandemic?  Then do not choose these parties |  Cooking and eating

Laubach asks 1.7 million viewers: Don’t you want more pandemic? Then do not choose these parties | Cooking and eating

Which party should I vote for to prevent the next pandemic? Arien Laubach posed this question on his TV show last night Sunday with LaubachWhich was watched by 1.7 million people. The NewFoodKieswijzer, Which the presenter mentioned, immediately saw the Lubach effect.

In his hit show yesterday, Arien Laubach said that three-quarters of highly contagious diseases appear when the disease spreads from animals to humans. We must prevent that. And then you think: Yeah, let them stop the live animal market in Asia, that would be much better indeed. ”

Last fall, let’s also look at ours, said Ron Fuchsia Value inspection service. Laubach showed a part of a TV show in which the virologist drew attention to the way animals are housed in the Netherlands. This can also be the source of an outbreak. The factory farming industry is an ideal breeding ground for viruses, “says Laubach after presenting excerpts from a documentary film before Fox, The factory farm turns out to be a nice place for viruses with lots of hosts. In fact, Fouchier cited studies showing that the Netherlands is a “hotspot” for these types of outbreaks.

Downsizing the vital industry

The numbers are large: we have 101 million chickens, about 4 million cows, 12 million pigs, and 1.5 million goats and sheep. Not surprisingly, two diseases – Q fever and bird flu – start here. It doesn’t have to be a corona-like disease, this new pandemic, it could be a bad flu that kills millions of people. The chance that the Netherlands will “organize” the next disease would be a “great honor”. Laubach said it would probably be best to cut down plant farming. There they step into the polling room, where a large portion of the Dutch can be found today, tomorrow and Wednesday.

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Who should you vote for? PVV, VVD and PvdA are right in front of the meatball, but there is a voting proof indicating exactly which party you should vote if you also want something to happen to the vital industry or if you want a meat tax. You don’t have to be in a CDA at all. This party is even opposed to food innovation, while their constituencies are completely open to it. In fact, the majority support the abolition of factory farming. “So the CDA believes farmers are more important than voters.” These voters stand up anyway More positive about change From the party that they voted for. “Even a nice PVV voter is in favor of more vegan products in the supermarket,” Lubach put it on the broadcast.

How do you actually choose a party? Based on a party program, electoral guide, person in a party, or maybe you choose it strategically?
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The Laubach Effect

Several animals crowded together are an ideal host for viruses. © anp

At ProVeg, they are pleased with the attention that Lubach has given to the site. “A very strong component and we’re glad Lubach is putting this on the agenda in this way,” says Pablo Mollmann, who created the site comparison. “The timing just before the elections is of course very good and we are also happy that the numbers have been discussed at length.” According to Mullmann, 80 percent of Dutch cite prevention of a new pandemic as an important reason to reduce meat consumption.

From the site NewFoodKieswijzer Visited by Lubach four times in one night as in previous weeks together: The Lubach effect was visible. “About one in ten Dutch people saw it,” says Mollmann. “About 200,000 people saw it on YouTube.” What if these inquisitive voters would actually take action? “We will only know in a couple of days,” says Mullman. But it is not only an appeal to the voter, but to the politicians as well. Nobody wants another pandemic to come, and it is certainly not the Netherlands that is organizing it, as LaBach describes it so beautifully. It is a signal to politicians that they should not be afraid of voter withdrawal. The majority of voters for each party want to get rid of the blow. ”

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