Kurdish Film Days in Latin America - Kurdish News

Kurdish Film Days in Latin America – Kurdish News

Groups promoting solidarity with the Kurdish people in Latin America organized a Kurdish film festival. Although Kurdish films are being screened for the first time on the continent, they are attracting a lot of attention.

Eight films co-produced by Comina Film A Rojava (Evîn Di Rûye Qirkerêni De, Darên bi têne, Mal, Cîtây şer, Ji Bo Azadîye, Sîka Çîya yê Kurmênc, Berfin, Dema Drîreşkan) sub-Comina Film A Rojava (Rojava) in collaboration with Film Different films will be screened. Countries of Latin America. Film screenings will continue till the end of this year.

Kurdish Film Days, organized for the first time on the continent, are attracting attention. Since most theaters are full until the end of the year, Kurdish films are usually shown in different establishments. Some of the films have so far been screened in Mexico, Chile, Paraguay and Bolivia and will continue until the end of the year.

Eight films were screened over 5 consecutive days in 5 different venues in La Paz, the capital of Bolivia. After the film screening, the first two parts of Kurdish PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan’s defense were presented to the public in court. After each screening, the Kurdish independence struggle was discussed.

Kurdish cinema is not well known in Latin America. The organizing committee in Bolivia said they are creating promotional videos to better promote Kurdish films and Kurds. They added that they write articles that are published through newspapers and magazines.

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