'KRC Genk seeks new talent from South America'

‘KRC Genk seeks new talent from South America’

In recent years, KRC Genk has continued to fish for South American veterans. Along with Jhon Lucumi, Carlos Cuesta, Daniel Muñoz and Angel Preciado, Cegeka settled in the arena one after another from the continent, and technical director Dmitry de Conte still seems to have the best contacts in those countries. That’s how a new talent lands.

Ecuadorian club SD Aucas has allowed Carlos Davis Batista to travel to Belgium for an internship, with local media reporting he can prove himself in Genk. It is unclear how long the player will stay in Limburg. Perhaps he will be allowed to prove himself in the first instance with promises.

Batista is a 17-year-old midfielder who can also play in midfield. Despite his very young age, he is already very close to the first team in Agas. He has not yet made his debut, but he has been on the bench with the A-team in three of the last four games. Zenk has noticed this as well.

In the coming weeks, Batista will be able to prove how well he can improve at Zenk, but the club will have to wait a little longer if they want to recruit him. After all, Batista is only allowed to move to Europe when he is eighteen. He celebrates his birthday on February 16th, which means that in principle he can only go to Jenk in the summer of 2023.

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