Knowing today, I would definitely have started that sooner

Knowing today, I would definitely have started that sooner

June 10, 2024 at 9:10 pm

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In the fall of 2023, Wilbert Cruyff (78 years old) made up his mind and signed up for the Bridge Club Ermelo’s “Bridge & Bites” introductory lesson. During this meeting, a large group of interested people were introduced to the bridge course for beginners.

“The good atmosphere really attracted me. It was cheerful, cheerful and fun. I found what I heard interesting and exciting. It made me curious. I couldn’t hold the card, but – to my surprise – I started anyway: I took bridge lessons!”

De Kruif has been a soldier all his life. His comrades were always playing cards, but he never got around to it. An acquaintance brought his attention to bridge lessons: just the push he needed.

On Wednesday evenings he enjoys a mixture of theory and play. A little better every week. It’s a very complicated game, but the step-by-step explanation is very nice.

What De Kruif never expected: It’s a great way to make new social contacts. The group of 20 students is a great place to be, and they schedule times to play bridge together outside of weekly lessons.

His highlight this year was the anniversary campaign, in honor of the Bridge Club Ermelo’s 65th anniversary. All students were also invited there. To his great surprise, he came there first.

De Kruiff does his weekly homework from the book and exercises on the computer. Due to surgery, he has recently been unable to attend classes for some time. I’ve been away too long to participate in the competition this fall. Now he is enjoying bridge so much that he will start again next year. Hopefully a nice set altogether.

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Have you never held a card before or have you been playing cards for a long time? Are you curious to know if bridge could be something for you?

On the evening of Wednesday 11 September, we will organize Bridge and Bites again: with a snack and a drink we will explain what bridge is and how the lessons are organized – which are offered on Wednesday evenings in Ermelo.

For questions or registration: Dick De We, [email protected] or 06-33138860

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