King Charles and Queen Camilla wave to the audience on the balcony

King Charles and Queen Camilla wave to the audience on the balcony

The BBC also thought less of the royalists. The channel offers some tips for escaping from Circus Charles.

Avoid central London, is the first advice. To avoid the flag-waving crowds, steer clear of Hyde Park, Green Park and St James’ Park. If you are arriving by car, the roads around Knightsbridge, Waterloo, Leicester Square and Vauxhall Bridge are closed.

Nor is traveling by metro a good idea today, according to the BBC. Public transportation is hectic, so steer clear of the subway if you don’t want to run into poster-laden revelers and paper crowns.

And take a day off from social media, BBC advice: Social media will be overloaded with coronation content this weekend, so why not go offline and put your phone down? If that sounds too intense, choose to avoid the news on the weekends.

The announcer says that the time you would normally spend scrolling and sending messages, would be better spent in the park. Or you can go hiking or do one parkron!

Also useful According to the BBC: The Countryside Charity has put together a map of the quietest places in England. Let’s just hope those places stay quiet, too.

Joost van Velsen

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