Kim Veenstra announces big news

Kim Veenstra announces big news

the beautiful Kim Feenstra She is a particularly versatile aunt. She is, of course, a model, who recently appeared in Special Forces VIPShe already has several roles in films and series on her resume. And now she can add another amazing accomplishment to that list: she's launched her own beauty brand. introduction Ninomie!

Own beauty brand

The old one had been working for a long time Next top model in Netherlands-Winner of her own beauty brand. In complete secrecy, she developed the brand that bears the beautiful name NINÔME. “Except for a few people in my immediate circle and the people I developed this amazing product with, no one knew about it. And it is! private Brand With lots of great plans and developments for the near future! But now it's time to shine, inside and out, because I'm taking off today Ninomie Beauty Collagen Blend,” says a proud Kim on Instagram.

Eternal beauty, you are endless

The model emphasizes that the brand's philosophy believes that beauty is not only limited to the outer appearance, but comes from within. “NINÔME’s mission goes beyond just cosmetics, as we strive to support you on your journey to a radiant, healthy lifestyle that suits you perfectly. Here you will find a place of beauty and serenity, created with the goal of making you shine inside and out. Evolve with us and let us move together towards a life full of beauty, balance and self-love.” Kim wrote on NINÔME.

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We can expect great things from the brand in the future, but first, the collagen powder was launched first. Collagen is a natural substance that is very important for, among other things, radiant skin, strong nails and shiny hair. It is very important to support your body in producing this substance, especially after the age of 25. That is why this collagen powder is the first product to be launched. “Because it's someone's magic key Glowing skinShiny hair and strong nails are what we all dream of. And let's not forget to support our joints and overall well-being! Kim said.

Collagen powder is available in five different flavors: mango, pineapple, orange, lemon, and grapefruit. You can make it into a smoothie, or add a scoop to your water bottle for a nice taste. We're very interested in this first product, and we can't wait to find out that new beauty brand NINÔME will bring us more!

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Source: Instagram, Ninomie | Photo: Instagram, Ninomie, NL Photo

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