Kim Kardashian Thought Pregnancy in the Spotlight Was 'Hell' |  stars

Kim Kardashian Thought Pregnancy in the Spotlight Was ‘Hell’ | stars

“I wasn’t a nice pregnant lady and I didn’t look like a nice pregnant lady. It was really awful, and I didn’t enjoy it at all. I didn’t look and was told that several times a day. When I looked at pictures of my mother or my sister when they were pregnant, I saw beautiful women embracing their pregnancy From start to finish, that wasn’t the case with me,” Kim said.

Kardashian says she has mainly suffered from people’s harsh comments about her weight. “Then I opened a magazine, where my picture was placed next to the famous Orca Shamu, with the text which one of us looked best. It was so painful and insulting, it really did something to me. I still find it incomprehensible that such things are published by a magazine or website web or any other means.

Kim gained more than 30 kilograms during her pregnancy and did not shed those kilograms easily after giving birth. “I didn’t have a gym at home at the time, but I didn’t dare go to the gym because I was afraid of what people would think of me. So I sat in my mom’s garage while it was 35 degrees outside to put on weight again. I did. That is until all the kilograms were shed. Only then did I dare to show myself in public again without fear of criticism.”

Kardashian shares four children with Kanye West, with whom she is currently divorced.

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