Kim Clijsters and NFL star Tom Brady buy a team in... Pickle Ball |  noticeable

Kim Clijsters and NFL star Tom Brady buy a team in… Pickle Ball | noticeable

Kim Clijsters continues to be active in the sports world after her tennis career. Today, the Belgian icon announced that it, along with seven-time Superbowl winner Tom Brady, is buying the American pickle ball team. Racquet sports are the “next big thing” in the United States.

American sports websites are going big with the news: NFL legend Tom Brady and tennis champion Kim Clijsters are part of an investment group that gets their hands on a new pickleball team.

“what?” We hear your opinion.

Well, pickle ball – along with the paddle – is the rising star among racquet sports. Contests are fast, compelling and achievable for young and old.

Especially in America sky The Limit for sports. The “fastest growing sport in the country” currently has more than 5 million players, and by 2030 the National Federation hopes there will be at least 40 million players.

There is even a league, MLP (Major League Pickleball), that is televised and has ambitious plans. In 2023, approximately $2 million in prize money will be awarded to players. Clijsters and her colleagues will soon commission a team for this.

In addition to the Belgian tennis legend, many big stars are investing in the sport. NBA champions LeBron James and Draymond Green, among others, have a team, as do some TV stars.

According to CNBC, the team’s prices in MLP are “approximately a 7-digit number.”

What is remarkable about the Clijsters team is that 50% of the ownership is in the hands of women. “We want to set an example for young women who want to own this sport. This is just the beginning.”

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