Jutta Leerdam shares holiday photos full of joie de vivre and style

Jutta Leerdam shares holiday photos full of joie de vivre and style

Our muse Jutta Leerdam is on vacation again after her successful season. Those are few days for the skater. She makes the most of it and the vacation photos speak volumes.

While most skaters are known mainly in the Netherlands, Jutta Leerdam is a star with international appeal. She has 4.1 million followers on social media, which is why she is on the guest list of international fashion shows. “Instagram doesn’t reflect my life, but I’m always me,” she said earlier in our interview.

Jutta Leerdom in America

Jutta Leerdam ended her season with a victory in the 1,000 meters at the World Distance Championships in Thialf. He won every 1,000 meters he rode this year, a clear display of power impossible. After the season, he immediately flew to Miami, where he was invited to Hugo Boss’s star-studded show.

During the BOSS Miami Fashion Show (Spring/Summer 2023), top models and the world’s biggest stars attended. Pamela Anderson, DJ Khaled, Naomi Campbell, Demi Lovato, Candice Swanepoel and we could go on. In this stellar group, Jutta Leerdam showed that apart from perfect skating strokes, she also has good dance moves. Check out more photos and videos from the show itself Instagram.

From beaming at the boss to chilling in a bikini

The BOSS Miami fashion show led to her vacation, and high heels led to a bikini and a freediving suit. “I loved challenging myself and improving my breathing. I almost felt like I could breathe underwater,” says Jutta Leerdam on Instagram.

Jutta Leerdam says she is more comfortable in her skin than last season. She sees it as a cause of weight gain. “Usually in the summer I focused on becoming very light, and this season I noticed that I shouldn’t be too critical of myself,” said the sports heroine in front of the NOS camera last season. “I always want to do better, but it doesn’t help my game. I value it very differently. Now I use that extra fat to get stronger.

A source of inspiration for women and girls

It’s a blessing to have a role model publicly declaring that obsessing over weight is backfiring. She undoubtedly inspires many women and girls. Additionally, Jutta Leerdam broke into the same group last season Another obstacle.

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Jutta Leerdam steals the show in America

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