Judge puts an end to the attempt to prevent Trump from voting in Michigan as well

Judge puts an end to the attempt to prevent Trump from voting in Michigan as well

Former President Donald Trump may appear on the ballot in the US state of Michigan.Photograph by Brendan MacDiarmid/Reuters

It happened last week in Colorado. There, a group of voters went to the Supreme Court in an attempt to prevent the presidential candidate from voting, and the judge ruled in his favor: Trump had “removed” himself from the American presidency by trying to cancel the election results. 2020 elections to make.

The ruling in Colorado was based on a rarely used clause in the U.S. Constitution: anyone who has sworn allegiance to the Constitution and then engages in “rebellion or rebellion” is barred from holding public office.

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The same ruling was used in Michigan. However, the Supreme Court in this swing state did not take up the challenge and upheld a lower court's decision. He had stated that according to state law, it is up to the political parties themselves to decide who will be on the ballot. According to these judges, election officials cannot invoke the amendment to the Constitution to ban anyone. The lower court did not rule on whether Trump was involved in the insurrection.

Trump on Wednesday praised the Michigan Supreme Court's decision not to pursue the case, saying on social media that his opponents were taking a “pathetic gamble” to rig the election. The former president appealed the Colorado court's decision. This means that the Federal Supreme Court must ultimately rule on the case.

According to experts, the Supreme Court is unlikely to want to burn its fingers on this issue. Kenneth Manusama, an American expert, said earlier in an interview with the Newsweek website: “I think they will try to find a way to say that the highest court in Colorado is wrong.” De Volkskrant.

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