Jort Kelder funded our advertising in NPO . programs

Jort Kelder funded our advertising in NPO . programs

Jort Kelder paid one of his editors out of his own pocket to produce campaign films for the Forum for Democracy. Here’s what Thierry Bodet said on the podcast podcast. Presenter Bastien Meijer asks Baudet how he was able to present himself in the election campaigns in the early days of the Forum, when the party was small and did not have much to spend. Baudette’s response:

After that, Jort Kelder had a contract with Bij ons in de PC, or Hoe heurt actually, or one of those shows. Then his contract overlapped for a month with someone who had been unemployed for a month. Then he said: Do you know? I’ll pay this boy out of my own pocket, he can make a movie for you every day for a month. So I was able to make a video every day for the past four weeks before the election. This was a really big gift from Jort, and that was really cool because he did that. And there were also a few movies that were shown in Jinek, Pauw, Witteman or whatever it is called.

That claim is great, given that Jort Kelder himself regularly joined the same talk shows at the same time (Pauw and Witteman discontinued as a duo in 2014, then Jeroen Pauw went on solo with peacock) as a political translator. It would not be the first time that Kielder’s journalistic independence has been called into question at best. For example, in February of this year, just before the elections to the House of Representatives, he had on his radio program Dr. Cellar & Co. One of his best friends is Mark Rutte, who interviewed him almost without criticism. “An hour’s verbal combing,” according to the same program’s announcement of the conversation with Rutte, who had just left at that time only because of his role in the wildcard scandal.

Thierry Baudet also belongs to the Kelder Friends Club, which was chosen by the FvD leader for a place on that party’s electoral roll. That friendship didn’t stop Kielder from inviting Baudet to the table in January of this year during the Sunday edition of Op1. This also resulted in a completely uncritical conversation with the politician whose party collapsed just before the elections, in part due to the infiltration of malicious racism and anti-Semitism within members of the youth movement, but also from Baudet himself. Yurt Keelder loses himself in his usual side notes and sarcastic comments. TV critic Arjen Fortuin concluded on the radio show the next day that he almost plays his part. Speech makers. Iron himself. Then you get a kind of play and it’s never a good match.

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Last month, there was a storm of anger about another politician who made a positive campaign movie with the help of the public broadcaster. D66 leader Sigrid Kaag was portrayed in a documentary by VPRO, which later found out that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the D66 campaign team had influenced the content. Media Authority announced a Research towards making a documentary.

Can’t see the video in this article? click here. The verdict can be heard from 1:41.

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