Job 'Q' is already in place with the British Secret Service, and they are looking for employees

Job ‘Q’ is already in place with the British Secret Service, and they are looking for employees

“We’re looking for someone who knows a lot about technology,” says Moore. “We need help in today’s world where new technologies are making our work more and more difficult.”

Ingenious tools

In the Bond movies, “Q” is the one who always equips Agent 007 with pre-mission gadgets, from an Aston Martin sports car with an integrated rocket launcher to a ballpoint pen that turns into a grenade.

The real “Q” is not so much a vain as a leader in charge of teams that create and apply technologies that allow Britain to keep tabs on tough opponents.

According to Moore, the service should become a leader in digital innovation in the future. This also requires more cooperation with technology companies, and the new “Q” plays an important role in this. Moore expects this will also make secret intelligence more visible to the general public.

Appreciation is essential

It was not yet known that there was actually a job within British intelligence under the name “Q”. “A few years ago, we decided to reorganize our engineering department and we couldn’t find a good name for it,” Moore said in a radio interview. In the end, we thought, ‘Come on, let’s go for it’ and we called the Division Q. So we are now looking for a new head for this division. ”

Interested parties can respond to the announcement until May 26. But don’t expect public recognition when you do. “Confidentiality is a key factor in the recruitment process,” the vacancy stated. If you wish to submit an application, you may not discuss this matter with anyone, except for your partner or close family member.

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Below you will find an overview of all the tools Secret Agent 007 received from the first “Q” of the Bond films (Desmond Llewelyn).

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