Japanese university develops smart clothing fibers that can monitor health | Sciences

Monitor your health using your sweat: A research team at Tohoku University has developed a special fiber for this purpose. It can determine if someone’s health is in danger.

The Japanese research team’s microelectronic fibers can analyze dissolved salts and metabolites (the little chemicals in our bodies, such as glucose) in sweat.

It measures various signals in the body that can say something about the wearer’s mental and physical health.

Smart fibers can be used in different ways in healthcare. Smart clothes do exist, but those electronics are made of solid parts. This is not comfortable for the wearer. The Japanese researchers’ work allows them to create garments that cover a larger area of ​​the body.

The team believes that smart fibers could revolutionize the textile and healthcare industries. “Since most of the developments so far cannot be considered clothing, we have been dedicated to fiber transformation. This has allowed us to produce truly wearable smart fabrics,” said lead researcher Yuanyuan Guo.

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