Jade Anna offers a rare explanation for her 'breakup' with Kenneth Taylor

Jade Anna offers a rare explanation for her 'breakup' with Kenneth Taylor

Top influencer Jade Anna Van Vliet has come up with a rare response to rumors about her relationship with the Ajax midfielder. In a TikTok video, Jade Anna said she was surprised by the rumors of their breakup.

In a program Gossip It was claimed on Wednesday that the celebrity couple have split and Jade Anna is suffering from burnout. As a result, she received many concerned letters, including from friends and family. One day after Gossip Talk aired, Jade Anna posted a photo with Taylor on Instagram, seemingly indicating there was no breakup.

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In a new TikTok video, she explains more about the influencer. “People around me ask me, 'Are you okay? I just wanted to check in…' or about my relationship that was ending. I'm really surprised,” she says. “I thought: Let me keep my relationship a little private this time, because I've noticed that a public love life isn't really for me. So, here's an update from me to all my friends and family: I'm doing great.

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