Iran’s new president Raisi immediately puts Israeli hostility on his plate

Hard-line conservative Ebrahim Raisi will rule his influence over Iran for the next four years. While his inauguration is still in progress, he immediately faces a naval battle with archenemy Israel and must revive the nuclear deal with the Americans.

Ebrahim Raisi was inaugurated as the new president of Iran on Tuesday after Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei approved his election. The hardliner left sixty-year-old Raisi on a journey of no less than four years. This will be followed by a gala event on Thursday attended by international guests.

Raisi, known for his role in executing thousands of dissidents in the 1980s, has vowed to end US sanctions against the country. “Certainly we will fight for the lifting of the unjust sanctions, but we will not link the living conditions of the nation to the will of foreigners,” he said at the honoring ceremony.

the essence

  • And Ebrahim Raisi, who has sparked intense controversy, inaugurated the post of Iran’s new president on Tuesday.
  • Raisi is immediately involved in a naval battle with Israel.
  • As the new president, he promises to bring Iran out of deep economic decline. Lifting US sanctions is crucial to achieving this.

naval battle

Almost immediately, Israel blamed its eternal rival, Iran. The United Kingdom and the United States also say Iran was behind the attack. It will be a “one-way drone”, a kamikazeer that hits the target and explodes. Iran denied all the allegations.

Israel threatens to retaliate. “We know how to respond to this,” Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said. Meanwhile, the European Union has been criticized for planning to send Enrique Moura, the number two in European diplomacy, to a major inauguration.


New heroes. Where Benjamin Netanyahu and Hassan Rouhani used to stand up to each other, now it’s Bennett and the president’s turn, respectively. Both do not seem to deviate a millimeter from the hard line of their ancestors.

Both Bennet and Raisi are new. Both want to show their supporters how difficult it is. Further escalation is not ruled out.

In addition, both Bennet and Raisi are new. Both want to show their supporters how difficult it is. Thus, further escalation is not ruled out.


The question is whether the new meeting in the Gulf of Oman can throw a shit into the work on the nuclear deal. In Vienna, the United States and Iran are trying to revive the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). This is an agreement on Iran’s nuclear program that US President Donald Trump unilaterally abandoned three years ago. Moreover, he unleashed severe economic sanctions on the country.

Despite the escalating tensions, few expect a significant impact on the talks. Both the United States and Iran understand that there are few alternatives to the JCPOA. Hardliner Rais knows that, too.

Hardliner Raisi understands that the new Iran deal is critical to saving his faltering economy.

It is no coincidence that his inaugural address focused on the faltering economy, which suffers from soaring inflation of 40 percent, unemployment rates of 11 percent and a budget deficit of more than 45 percent of GDP.

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