Iranian authorities are investigating the poisoning of protesting students outside

She wrote that the Iranian authorities would investigate the poisoning of several students Watchman Monday. The female students were allegedly attacked in retaliation for their role in the Iranian protests.

Reports of poisonings are being investigated. The chemical attacks took place in several cities. There is talk of “bioterrorism”.

An Iranian doctor, who is also a member of Parliament’s Health Committee, confirmed that the poisoning was deliberate. It would be organophosphates. This is a substance commonly used as a pesticide in agriculture.

Iran’s Education Minister Younes Panahi said most of the students are treatable and out of danger. Students experienced vomiting, diarrhea, and heavy sweating, among other things.

According to Panahi, after the poisoning, some people wanted all girls’ schools closed. The female students are said to have participated in protests against the compulsory veiling.

Because of the attacks, the girls have not returned to school for the time being. Investigations are still ongoing. Few students attended the school due to the months-long protests.

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