iOS 17.4 is now available for download: This iPhone update has serious consequences

iOS 17.4 is now available for download: This iPhone update has serious consequences

Apple has started rolling out iOS 17.4. With this update, Apple is making some important changes for European iPhone users under pressure from the EU. For example, iOS supports third-party app stores for the first time.

The update to iOS 17.4 can be downloaded from 7pm tonight. As always, the app is being rolled out in phases, so not every iPhone user will be able to see it right away.

With iOS 17.4, Apple is opening the iPhone to third-party app stores for the first time in the European Union. Therefore, Apple will comply with the strict EU Digital Markets Act (DMA) rules in a timely manner. iPhone users will soon be able to install alternative app stores and set them as default. Browsers can now also use browser engines other than Apple's WebKit.

Other payment services and cloud gaming

Another change due to DMA is that the NFC chip in the iPhone is open to other payment services. Nothing will change for Apple Pay users: Apple's payment system will continue to work as you're used to.

Apple is now also allowing cloud gaming services on iPhone for the first time. This procedure will be offered worldwide. Cloud gaming services like Xbox Game Pass and Nvidia GeForce Now are now allowed to release their own iPhone apps.

New features and new emojis

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In addition, iOS 17.4 adds six new emojis and a host of new features, such as faster viewing of battery status. We have listed everything related to iOS 17.4 for you here.

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