iOS 16.2 Now Available for iPhone and iPadOS 16.2 for iPad – Tablets & Phones – NEWS

Apple releases iOS and iPadOS 16.2 update. The new version of the operating system makes changes to the iPhone 14’s always-on display and introduces karaoke mode for Apple Music, among other things.

The Modernization It is now available for download and adds some new features. Apple is adding a new option to the always-on display on the iPhone 14 and 14 pro that allows the background image to be hidden from the lock screen. The feature was already there Beta 3 of iOS 16.2but now also in the release version.

In addition, end-to-end encryption in iCloud has been extended to 23 types of data. There were 14 times earlier this month Apple announced Extend end-to-end encryption to iCloud backups, Messages backups, Reminders, Safari bookmarks, appointments, Voice Memos, iCloud Drive, and Wallet app info.

With the update also comes a Karaoke function announced Available for Apple Music on iPhone and iPad. Apple Music Sing allows users to see lyrics in real time so they can sing along. Apple comes with a number of playlists with songs that are specially optimized for Apple Music Sing.

Finally, Apple announces the New brainstorming app To: freeform. This is a kind of virtual whiteboard on which notes, drawings and other ideas can be placed. On Freeform you can also work on projects with others. The app integrates with FaceTime, so a video call can be held while you’re working together.

The current list of Devices that support iOS 16 They can be found here.

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