Investor agenda for Monday, April 26th

Philips launches its quarterly numbers, after the end of Wall Street it’s Tesla’s turn.

Monday 26th April 2021

  • Business Confidence (National Bank Economic Barometer) April, 3 pm
  • Entrepreneurial Confidence (Ifo) April, 10 am.
  • Durable Goods Orders March, 2.30 pm.
  • Atenor: € 2.42 gross listing without profit
  • Zenitel: reopens takeover bid at € 23.25 a share by House of Thor. Until May 7th.
  • Keyware: Annual Report Available
  • Sioen: The takeover bid has reopened at € 27 a share by Sihold (the Sioen family). Until April 27.
  • Bellrica: General meeting, 11 am
  • NXP Semiconductor: First-quarter results after market
  • ING: The general meeting
  • PHILIPS: First-quarter results, 7 a.m.
  • Tesla Motors: 1st quarter results, 10pm.

Every day, De Tijd publishes an agenda of major financial and economic events for the next trading day. This agenda has been compiled as accurately as possible from sources believed to be reliable, but no liability for the inaccuracy can be accepted. Companies and organizations wishing to add or improve information on this agenda can always contact De Tijd. You can contact us on 02-423 18 40 and by email at [email protected]

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