Inter Miami boss reveals Lionel Messi’s salary: ‘Apple deal crucial to finalizing deal’ |  Foreign football

Inter Miami boss reveals Lionel Messi’s salary: ‘Apple deal crucial to finalizing deal’ | Foreign football

They are never a secret about the exorbitant amount of money that sportsmen earn in America. So what Lionel Messi can add to his well-filled account as an Inter Miami player is a state secret.

Inter Miami boss Jorge Mas, director and co-owner of the MLS club, said in an interview. Country The Argentine superstar revealed that he will earn “50 to 60 million dollars” (45 to 55 million euros) per year.

And it doesn’t stop there, as Messi also reportedly shares in the profits of MLS (Major League Soccer) big business partners Apple and Adidas. In addition, David Beckham has an option to buy a minority stake in the club – which will be owned and managed. The former England international made a similar deal when he started playing football in America. Beckham signed for the LA Galaxy in 2007, with an option to buy a club if MLS expanded. That opportunity came in 2018 in Miami.

Mass did not reject Messi following Beckham’s example. “I think he comes in with a desire to make his mark and he can do that outside of football,” he said. Country. “If he retires, he will have a stake in the club. I imagine a post-football life for Messi similar to that of David Beckham or Michael Jordan.

David Beckham talks to Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez at the Miami circuit last year. © Pro Shots / Michael Potts

Inter Miami have been eyeing Messi’s signature for years. “In 2019 we started thinking about how we could bring him in,” Moss said. “Messi can make MLS one of the two or three biggest leagues in the world.”

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According to Moss, it took him three years to convince Messi, one and a half of which were very intense. ,, had many conversations with Jorge (Messi’s father, ed.). David only talked to Leo about football issues because he was a player. We finished at the end of May. I don’t want him to feel pressured. We spoke in Barcelona, ​​Miami, Rosario and Doha. I was watching Argentina in Qatar the whole World Cup. Apple’s deal is critical to closing the deal.

Not only financially, but Messi is also being coached athletically during his weeks in Miami, where Sergio Busquets will strengthen the squad. Moss: “We need to surround Messi with players of his level.”

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