Indianapolis op kandidatenlijstje voor F1’s gewenste tweede Grand Prix in Amerika

Indianapolis on the list of candidates for the second Grand Prix F1 wanted in the United States

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway – Formula 1 last raced between 2000 and 2007 – is on the list of candidates for the second possible U.S. Grand Prix.

This confirms Formula 1 CEO Stefano Dominically’s conversation with Americans AutoWeek. “Indianapolis is one of the options we are considering,” says Dominicali, although he cannot express the best option, for example, whether a street race is preferred in Miami or Las Vegas.

“We can’t say too much because we don’t want to create unnecessary expectations. While Formula 1 is still thinking about expansion in China and the ‘Far East’ for him, I can say that our focus is definitely on the United States,” Dominicali agreed.

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The last GP was in 2007 in Indianapolis.

When going to Formula 1 Indianapolis Motor Speedway, it certainly won’t be a classic Oval In the system of ‘interior’ used by the royal class between 2000 and 2007.

In Indianapolis star Roger Benske, owner of the track, says he is still looking for the most exciting racing classes for celebrities. Brigard To get. One advantage is that the circuit has been completely updated since Benske took over in 2020.

As stated in it Indianapolis star Penske may want to combine a title sponsor with the race to cover the costs (in part). Last year, due to the Corona crisis, he too had to invest a lot of money in the Indigo series.

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